NSW Mining site

NSW Mining needed a new website. It was outdated, hard to navigate and unreliable. We took the existing monolithic CMS build and simplified it into a modern, clean, media-rich website. After a period of intensive UX and Solution Architecture we built the site and used Kentico Kontent Headless CMS to manage the content.

The Quitly chatbot

The Cancer Institute asked us to build a chatbot within Facebook Messenger to help people quit smoking. It’s a highly sophisticated bot we called Quitly. It delivers regular, personalised content based on your age and smoking profile – a bit like a ‘quit buddy’. Content is managed via Chatfuel and is part of the wider CINSW Behaviour Change and advertising remit with Bastion Banjo. Sign up to the Quitly bot.

RPFC site portfolio

RPFC asked us to develop a single codebase CMS solution to host their rapidly-growing portfolio of pet food brands. All websites needed access to all features and were to be developed for localization and ecommerce. The key challenge of this project was to provide white-label functionality without compromising the quality of the designs. Initially we designed a flexible “block based” layout approach, containing around 20 customisatable blocks which could be combined to create unique pages. Each site was designed with its own custom-developed stylesheet, adhering to brand identities created by Bastion Banjo. We selected Kentico EMS as the CMS platform, primarily for its powerful out-of-the box multi-site support.

SafeWork app

The NSW Govt asked us to develop a free app for NSW small businesses to allow staff to internally report and manage workplace hazards. We designed a simple UX centered around the ticketing system. Transparency of the reporting and resolution process was a key component of the brief, so we developed a role-based user management system allowing all users within a team to be able to review all information associated with all tickets, whilst management roles were able to action resolutions and publish them to the team . We developed the cross platform Android and iOS mobile app on the Xamarin framework using Azure Mobile Apps as the client/server database synchronization solution. It was part of a wider Bastion Banjo advertising campaign called ‘Safety Starts With You’.

It will happen again

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